Caring For Children Is Not Just Part of What We Do, It’s All We Do.

You know more about your child than anyone else. Because we only treat children, we know more about how to address the unique physical and emotional needs of kids. From overcoming serious illness, to primary care, we are the region’s only dedicated health system designed with kids in mind.


The most advanced care for the smallest patients.

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to treating the smallest of hearts. Because of our skill, more than two-thirds of cardiovascular surgeries done at Children's are for patients less than one year old, and half of these are for newborns less than one month old. Plus our outcomes rival those of any other children's hospital. It's why families from around the region, nation, and world seek care from the team at Children's.

Medicine in 3D.

Kids' hearts are smaller—and each one is different. So surgeons at Children's can now using 3D printing to create an exact model of the heart prior to surgery.

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Numbers count.

Our pediatric cardiac surgical team performs over 500 pediatric cardiac surgeries annually, the most in the region.

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The only of its kind.

The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (Cardiac ICU) at Children's is the only one of its kind in the area, combining highly specialized teams, innovative design, and state-of-the-art technology for the highest level of care.

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From childhood to adulthood.

Children's is the only program in the region to follow children with congenital heart defects all the way into adulthood. We're there every step of the way for those who have ongoing medical needs arising from childhood conditions.

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There's a reason why parents choose Children's.

With the largest and most integrated neuroscience program in the country, your child will receive unrivaled care at Children's National. While most programs only have a few child neurologists, Children's has 34. Our team also includes 17 pediatric neurophysiologists, 5 pediatric neurosurgeons, 15 pediatric psychiatrists, 15 psychologists, 10 geneticists as well as dedicated neurology nurses. With this level of comprehensive care, we're able to treat newborns and children requiring even the most complex care.

Reducing and eliminating seizures.

Children's has one of the largest epilepsy programs in the country with nearly 8,000 patient visits each year, including 400 cases of newly diagnosed seizures. By seeing more patients, we simply have more experience that benefits every child.

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World renowned care for brain tumors.

With international leaders on our staff, we're utilizing minimally invasive surgical techniques for brain tumors that improve outcomes as well as each patient's quality of life after surgery.

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An app to help parents diagnose concussions.

Children's National has collaborated with colleagues at the University of North Carolina and PAR Inc. to develop apps for smart phone and tablet to help parents, coaches, and other professionals help recognize and respond to concussions earlier for improved treatment.

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Neuro intensive care.

Children's is focusing on the brain as the next medical frontier in pediatric intensive care. Our state-of-the-art pediatric Neuro ICU is the only one in the region, providing critical care that makes a true difference in the lives of children.

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Lives saved. Lifetimes reclaimed.

Cancer treatment at Children's National is incredibly focused and begins by placing each patient within one of three specialty groups: leukemia, solid tumors, or brain tumors. The specialists within these groups can then provide individualized care to each patient, maximizing treatment while minimizing side effects and discomfort. We're one of the few health systems in the nation that can provide this level of expertise, giving each child and family newfound hope.

We care for more children.

Because we treat more children every year than all other area hospitals combined, our experience enables us provide better diagnostics, treatments, and improved care for every child in our care.

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More than 100 clinical trials.

Children's National plays an active role in childhood cancer research, education, and advocacy. Through participation in more than 100 clinical trials, Children's National strives not only to cure cancer, but to also minimize the side effects of treatment.

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Leading the charge against cancer.

Thirty of our cancer specialists partner with the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the fight against cancer. Children's is the only center in the region with access to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortiums research protocols and to the Children's Oncology Group Phase I clinical trials.

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Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation Leadership.

Children's National is a nationally recognized leader in pediatric blood and marrow treatment advances as well as cutting-edge treatment protocols that improve outcomes.

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Nothing reduces worry more than confidence.

Pediatric surgery is much more than merely "child-sized" procedures, which is why it's important to choose care a from a Children's specialist. At Children's National, our pediatric surgical team is unrivaled in the region in terms of skill, expertise and experience in all specialties of pediatric surgery as well as pediatric anesthesia and perioperative nursing. Every year we perform more than 15,000 procedures, a testament to the confidence that parents place in our ability.

Fellowship-trained pediatric anesthesia 24/7/365.

Children respond differently to anesthesia than adults and Children's National is the only children's hospital in the region that can guarantee anesthesia administered by a fellowship-trained pediatric anesthesiologist for every surgery.

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Life-changing intestinal rehabilitation.

The region's only inpatient unit dedicated exclusively for intestinal rehabilitation patients coordinates personalized medical, nutritional, and surgical treatment for the healthiest outcomes and improved quality of life—so much so that transplantation is often unnecessary.

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Orthopaedic surgery experts.

Growing bones and ongoing neurological development are just two of the many reasons why children requiring orthopaedic surgery need a Children's specialist. Our staff is also pioneering innovative techniques to correct musculoskeletal disorders in children from infancy to age 21.

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Pioneers in minimally invasive surgery.

Our surgeons have dramatically improved neonatal minimally invasive surgery reduced stress on tiny bodies and improved recovery. We've also developed new techniques with robotic-assisted procedures for infants, children, and adolescents who need surgery for genitourinary tract illnesses.

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Primary Care

Lifelong health starts here.

Primary care is about giving children a fit and active childhood while setting the stage for robust health and wellbeing as an adult. Through our primary care network around the region, you have access to Children's National pediatric specialists closer to home. Head to toe, for every age and stage, our comprehensive care will help guide your child through the exciting journey of growing up.

Primary Care Medical Homes

Not all primary care providers can be called a Primary Care Medical Home, a special designation given through an accreditation process. Every year in the DC area, our medical homes provide care for more than 40,000 patients.

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Children's Health Centers

Our seven Children's Health Centers are located in the DC area and are staffed by Children's National pediatricians to improve patient access to specialty care.

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Head to toe care.

Primary care from Children's National covers all the fundamental medicine you'd expect, including checkups, school and sport physicals, immunizations, developmental screening and testing, as well as care for minor injuries and illnesses.

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Online health management.

Through our online Medical Home Portal, you'll be able to send us messages, request appointments, arrange prescription refills, receive school forms and referrals, check lab results and more.

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There’s Comfort in Having an Expert on Your Side.

Our doctors and nurses have dedicated their careers to children’s medicine. Among the best and brightest, our specialists are nationally recognized experts in their field. And the entire care team, from art therapists, to child-life specialists, to social workers, is focused on providing what’s right for kids—and their families.

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Childhood is About Discovery. So is Childhood Medicine.

What if we could know exactly how much pain a newborn was feeling, so that we could treat it effectively? What if we could turn on a gene that could prevent a childhood disease before it started? Childhood means discovery. So does childhood medicine. At Children’s National we’re applying innovative thinking to help solve issues faced by children here and around the world.

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Who Says a Trip to the Doctor has to be Scary?

Children see the world through a different lens, which is why a children’s health system should also feel like a place of encouragement, hope, and healing. From CT scanners that look like submarines, to art programs to soothing interior colors, we create an experience designed for kids and families.

Guidance for the Entire Family.

Helping Kids Understand.

When can I play with my friends? When will I feel better? What will happen? Children bring their own unique set of questions to their care. Which is why we endeavor to make each child feel as comfortable as possible. We'll help them understand how to stay healthy, involve them in their care and explain treatment in their terms.

Being Part of the Team.

Our approach to care always involves the entire family and as a parent or guardian, you're a key member of our team. We'll make sure you have all the resources and guidance to help your child, to fully understand the process of care and to cope with any worry. Siblings will also want to help and we'll help coach them along in ways that are both loving, appropriate and, as we say, just right.

Every Child Deserves a Chance at a Bright and Healthy Future.

We honor a mission that goes back a century and embody a vision that goes forward just as far: to bring health and wellbeing to all children.

What We Stand For.

Since our inception, Children’s National has been committed to improving the lives of children everywhere. We are active advocates on issues that affect children nationally and internationally; we are leaders in pediatric research and education; and we are experts in providing treatment that promotes health, saves lives, and reclaims lifetimes.

Serving Children in Our Region, Nation, and Around the World.

No matter where they are, children everywhere should have the best chance for a bright future.

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How to Get Started.

Ranked among the best in the nation by U.S.News & World Report, Children’s National is one of very few dedicated children’s health systems. With a network of primary care and specialty clinics throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia, grounded by our flagship hospital, we are here when you need us, where you need us.

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From primary care that will keep your child healthy, to the largest range of pediatric specialists in the area, to a state-of-the-art children’s hospital, we offer world-class care for kids.

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